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July 2012
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Olympic Hopefuls
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OK. We admit it. Our addiction to American TV far outweighs
our addiction to anything in the cereal aisle.

We were hoping that once we traveled down the rabbit hole
and popped out back in Asia, we could 
figure out how to get cable or at least streamline the Summer Olympics.

The rabbit hole back to China was an Olympic obstacle course
in itself. Our flight odyssey from America
included  two incidences of lost
luggage,  one cancelled flight , a  four hour rain delay on the runway and
roughly forty hours of less than desirable hygiene. 

But the carrot of watching Michael Phelps in action made it

While  you can stream
online the Olympic games from,
that coverage is only available in America (you need an active Cable
Subscription to access it). BBC streaming is only available in the UK.

So now we have a Chinese cable box with set up instructions
in Chinese.

Jeff thinks he can do it himself. If he can, he deserves a gold medal.

I’m thinking I should make
cookies for one of the tech guys at school and let them deal with it.

Once the cable box is set up, we’ll let you know how the Olympic coverage is in China. Will there be more commercials and special feature stories than actual coverage of the games?

Then after the games are over, we’ll let you know what the
prime time lineup  includes  in China. I’m guessing no No King of Queens,
Three and A Half Men or The Real Housewives of Kunming. 

If anyone has any tips on how to stream the Olympics in
China in English, please let us know.

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Got my Fill
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The only thing more torturous on your digestion track than
moving to Asia is coming back to the States for a visit.

It hasn’t been a mind expanding trip, but a waist expanding

For the past six weeks, Jeff and I have been putting our
intestines to the test, eating the foods we dreamed about for nine months in

The epicurean adventure started at Costco. Jeff got an
industrial size box of Lucky Charms then proceeded to eat only the marshmallow
hearts, moons and stars.

Then from there, it just went down hill.

I’ve been indulging in hamburgers, hamburgers and hamburgers.
Plus potato salad, black cherry ice cream and a to-die-for Flamin’ Fury peach,
which they haven’t figured out how to bootleg in China.

I ate the peach the proper way, licking the juice off my arm
as it dripped down.

Jeff’s been eating anything with a free prize in the box.

I also ate half a Lou Malanti pie with double anchovies, and
an assortment of micro brewery libations from the Midwest.

Lest I forget the Piggly Wiggly cake and manhole cover sized
pancakes from Door County.

We also indulged in American TV, including a new show called
Freaky Eaters, featuring a woman addicted to Tartar Sauce.

We’ll be back in the land of the weird next week eating
normal stuff like chicken feet and blood soup.

Stuff that agrees with our stomach.

Until then, we might drop a few hits of lax, if you know
what I mean.

And unfortunately, you do.

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